MKIII TA2024 amplifier module

MKIII TA2024 amplifier module


Tripath DIY Audio TA2024 PCB MKIII Fully finished and tested

 Excellent Quality and sounds very good on any pair of loudspeakers.

The package includes the following:

- 1 X TA2024 PCB new version fully finished and tested ( length:11cm , width:7cm ,height:5cm)

- 1 X Powersupply cable
- 1 X input signal cable

- 1 X cables for the LED lights

- 2 X LED signal lights for power and overload


  Improvements to the PCB:

- 400 volts 2.2uF audio grade film capacitors with exellent dissipation factor ( 0.006 % @ 10KHZ ) 
- Bigger board size for more space to replace components

- Thicker PCB maretial, PCB is now 3mm Thick!!

- Bigger output coils, with Micrometals T68-1 Torrodial core for a much improved transient response 

- DC offset adjustment with high grade 10 turns potmeters

Signal lights for power and overload are separately connected with connectors ( included )

- Extra large 6800uF 25 V buffer capacitor  ( more than 3 times bigger than the competition )

- AC and DC power input supported   ( rectifier onboard )

- Very wide operating voltage 9-15 volts,  perfect for people that run off of batteries

- Copper mounting studs for eazy mounting in the housing