About us:





HelderHIFI started as a humble hobby quite a long time ago in Holland, then i was still a repair engineer for HIFI products. 

Since I've moved to China the possibility to make High Quality products for an affordable price has been tempting and right now, this is what we stand for.

our goal is to design and manufacture HIFI equipment for a reasonable price with exceptional performance, we have the knowledge and the equipment to do this and with my long experience in electronics repair and Quality control only the best will be shipped. 


We also offer OEM services,  electronics Design and manufacturing.   If you would be interested in electronics manufacturing in China, and want to cooperate with a European national here in China that speaks the language, knows the culture and has experience in the business, then feel free to contact me. 


Our customers:

At This moment We produce products OEM for several European companies.  These are usually HIFI products, amplifier modules and speakers.


Our second customer base is mainly DIY enthusiasts that like to build there own amplifiers with the components we supply,  because of good service and exelent quality products we have a good name in this market and many people all over the world order units from us directly.  


We also have a shop on Ebay, ( Arjenhelder_electronic ).